The stereotype about Pakistan being a third world country is always vastly speculated among people living abroad, but the truth is far beyond of this concept. A global behavior; that people are very quick at judging and also passionate about labeling someone’s race, religion or country. Pakistan is one of those victim states which are dragged under the fire of misconceptions.

We can easily say that Pakistan’s economy never drastically took of the way other developed or devolving states do, but Pakistan is way ahead in many fields. Technology is a widespread phenomenon all around the globe, so it is within Pakistan. Ecommerce sites are one of the leading domains which are progressively proving their potential in many economic forums in the country.

In this blog, we are going to state some facts, figures, the cause of sudden shift among Pakistanis from in person shopping to online shopping, and why being trendy and on point when it come to fashion is hard to achieve.

Some facts and figures

E-commerce growth is exponential around the world, especially during the past 12 years, while the recent expected sales worth has turned out to be $4.5 trillion. Future of online shopping in Pakistan is extremely bright, as internet gets its root deepened among the population of the country, as people are experimenting more via the internet.

 Online shopping is one of the perks that have been bestowed by internet to people around the world. Pakistan is one of the favored countries where people love shopping and being in trend, especially for wedding ceremonies or other events. Now the question that arises here is:

What caused this Shift Among Pakistanis from in Person to Online Shopping?

Online shopping stores seem almost like a dream come true for most passionate shoppers, not in Pakistan, but internationally. Specifically, post COVID 19 life demands social distancing, therefore, online stores in Pakistan are making life easier for people, so they can stay safe yet trendy and up to date. We can say that, this pandemic has brought a whole new chance for booming the future of ecommerce sites.

  • Convenience
  • Westernization  

There was once a time when people used to spend their entire days trying to survive in the narrow streets of local bazaars full of sweaty crowds, like ichra and anarkali, to match a dupatta with a dress. We all have been there when our mothers would argue with the shopkeeper to bargain and buy a Rs. 2000 suit in the price of Rs 500. 

From these bazars, we shifted to the shopping malls standing tall in the center of the city, like Centaurus mall located in Islamabad. Then, in 2001, the concept of shopping while sitting in your bed finally reached the premises of our state, a 3rd world country trying to survive desperately at the time. This ease has eliminated the hassle of us roaming around in a bazar or mall for hours, and has enabled us to get our desired product by simply typing its name in the search bar. We can save up this extra time and energy and use it all for something productive.

Mass media is a huge part of our lives these days. It sets societal norms and personal beliefs, subliminally. Not just that, it has also brought fashion and lifestyle trends among us over the years. Pakistan is a culturally diverse state, and with the help of media, our people have diverted their focus from eastern to western clothing, especially in elite class. Western fashion has definitely become a status symbol, and on top of that, people use online shopping sites to order clothes from western countries to have more variety in their wardrobe. It is of great help, as we don’t have to ask that one uncle of ours who lives abroad, to go out and shop all the items that we provided him on our shopping list, and bring them to us on his next trip to Pakistan. People can get their hands on the up to date western fashion products by using online shopping stores in Pakistan, as most of them are free of cost for buyers to create their accounts at!

Is being trendy as difficult as finding perfection in life? Not anymore!

  • Drama industry causes trend changes

Apart from mass media is our drama industry, which is at its peak at the moment. Even before a TV show ends, a new project starts to air. Hence, there is a constant shift of top trends when it comes to fashion among our population. Through these shows, we set standards of perfection and styling, and are taught how crucial it is to look more than just “good” to overpower others, mentally. Miraal Fareed from drama serial Sabaat has perfectly put this ideology into words:

“Aapko hamesha perfect nazar ana chahiye. Jab ap ache lagte hai,  to log subconsciously apki ghulami krtre hain.”

These days, the top trending drama serial Raqs e Bismil has brought a new craze of this smokey eye and nude lip makeup look, which is being recreated by possibly every Pakistani blogger who exists out there. Hence, currently the new makeup trend among Pakistani women is the one carried by Zohra from Raqs e Bismil.


Juglo.pk is among the best online shopping stores in Pakistan, which has calmed our public down a bit, as our trendy shopaholics had almost been brought to their death beds because of the chaotic pandemic, which has become our life partner at this point.

As an overview,

Indeed Pakistan is considered as 3rd world country, but due to adaptability among our people about the new trends in technology makes us stand out. Fashion trends cause pressure from our society upon us but being up to the mark with social standards of fashion, and being in trend will bring you a boost of confidence. Online shopping stores bring ease and convenience, and let’s our people easily follow the latest trends in fashion from all around the world.



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Our Findings
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Are Dr. Rashel's Products Practically Worth the Hype?
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Which of HER Products must you get your Hands on ASAP?
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How to use it?
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How to use it?
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Are you looking for some interesting yet very thoughtful gift ideas for this Valentine's to express your love and affection for your beloved,  
Don't worry!!!
Juglo has some very innovative and romantic gift ideas to give life to your vision of the most suitable yet elegant present for your sweetheart. Expressing our love towards the one who matters the most for us is always our priority. We as living beings need love, affection, and gratitude in our lives to motivate our daily survival, and purpose of living.  Human phycology states that exchanging gifts brings closure among people and signifies love and care for each other. 

"Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more"
_H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Sharing your love does impact your relationship in a very positive way, the exchange of gifts is the best way to express your love. Indeed receiving gifts brings excitement, also the best thing is waiting for the surprise which increases the adrenaline level that enhances the love and feelings for the giver. For fulfilling the wish and desire of your beloveds' one must find the best choice of the gifts. Online shopping stores in Pakistan creates ease and convenience for the consumers to buy gifts.Online shopping stores in Pakistancreates ease and convenience for the consumers to buy gifts. Gifts are not just mere physical objects, they are the medium to communicate your love and regard in a very thoughtful manner. There is quite a pressure about finding the best gift, we do spend a lot of time in the selection process. In this article, we will bring you the best gift ideas to choose from for your loved ones which you can buy in just one click and delivered within 24hrs to your door.

How to Make the Process of Selection more Productive yet Precise?

While shopping for gifts, some questions always come across our minds, so here are some tips and tricks that might help you to choose the best suitable present for your beloved.

Creating a List of your beloved Favourites'
Listing is always the best to organize and arrange your ideas during your work. Making a list is also a very helpful tip to buy a gift for someone as you can jot down the favorites of your beloveds. You can brainstorm your ideas to choose the best one from the list effectively.

Assess Your Budget more Carefully
Budgeting should be considered while shopping for the gift. Giving a perfect gift does not require the a big investment, leaving you hand to mouth.The real purpose is to bring happiness on the face of the receiver. Always consider your budget before buying the gift as it makes the process easy and meaningful. 

Analize the Suitable Gift for the Occasion
One should consider the occasion beforehand as it eliminates the element of confusion during gift selection.

Consider the Personality of your Beloved
Everyone love or hate differently, as women like classy, elegant, and thoughtful gifts, while men like practical and logical gifts. We should purchase that gift that suits the personality of the receiver accurately. Always consider your beloveds likes and dislike, and go for the gift that signifies your darling's personaility the most.

5 Best Innovative Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

Gifts are a very personal thing, but thinking about the gifts for your loved one is quite a task. We will share some ideas for gifts here so it might help you while choosing one.

Albino Flutes for Music Enthusiasts

If you are looking for some gift ideas for music lovers then albino flutes are worth giving as a gift. Currently, there is extreme noise pollution around us, the albino flutes can act as our knight because of their soothing and therapeutic sound quality.
Have you ever seen any musical instrument being displayed as a decoration piece? Yes, that's true, as albino flutes are also very aesthetically pleasing.


Peshawari Chappal; the Ultimate Choice for Footwear of Pakistani Men
Nothing compliments Shalwar Kamees more than Peshawri Chappal on Pakistani men. A collection of handmade chappals that are handled with love and care, especially for your loved ones. Select according to your preference from the variety of types and materials used for the making of these chappals such as waistcoat material, pure leather, double soul, single soul, and much more. Juglo.pk is one of the best online shopping stores in Pakistan providing a diverse variety of products for the valentine's sale occasion.  

A Smartphone can be your in Hand Expression of Love
There is nothing more exciting than being gifted a gadget, especially a smartphone. Head over to Juglo.pk and check out the latest collection of smartphones; whether you want a handset model specifically for photography, or for heavy gaming like PUBG. The website offers smartphone brands ranging from Infinix, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, etc.

Perfume is the most Intense form of Memory

75% of the emotions generated in a single day of a human being are caused by the stimulus of scents. This explains how crucial the role of perfume can be in one's life. One widely famous type of perfume is ODH 24 hours by Al-Zafraan which is a gender-neutral product. As delightful it smells, it can fulfill the purpose of being a decorative piece for your dressing table as well.


A Girl can never have Enough of Jewelery

The dream of almost every desi female is to own a collection of jhumkas. One can never have enough earrings, may it be traditional jhumkas, or modern earpieces; like hoops. Gift her a nice pair of earrings, and there is a 110% chance that her heart will flutter for you.


Are you eagerly looking for a home and kitchen decor ideas? Then you have reached the right platform to start with.
As Pakistan's E-commerce industry is growing, people love to shop everything from online shopping stores. New trends not only bring change in the clothing and fashion sector, but they also love to stay updated in terms of house design and decor. Juglo.pk has hundreds of products in each category including home decor items and complete kitchen accessories.

There are plenty of home decor magazines available in Pakistan, one surely gets mesmerized while watching such decor ideas.  It is quite a task to make your home cozy yet stylish, but you can achieve your desired look by shopping through juglo.pk.

How to Build and Decorate the Complete Kitchen with Juglo?

Our Kitchen Decor section is all about the art and design crafted to make your kitchen more stunning and attractive so that you can spend more quality time while making your meal.

You can also mix and match the textures and colors to give your style some dimension. Let's find out what juglo has to offer you.

 Electronics & Appliances
We have a vast variety of kitchen appliances; you can pick and choose items according to your desire. Technology has vastly upgraded the level of decor; modern decoration ideas are mostly created while putting the modern appliances in respect of your vision.
In our category of appliances, you can easily find a tremendous amount of modern kitchen gadgets.

Good Lighting
Lighting is a key aspect when it comes to decorating any part of your house, as it creates a huge difference in your design. For instance; bright lighting tends to make bigger spaces smaller and vice versa. You can make your living space cozy, classy, modern, and vintage by just making small changes in the lighting setup,


Under Juglo, we are not stirring up lies to gather buyers. Rather, we are presenting you with some of the most authentic and original lighting products. Now use your imagination or gather designs from decor magazines. We have every kind of decoration lighting available at very affordable prices. 

Kitchen Furniture and Wall Hangings
Furnishing brings any place come to life, especially homes. You can add up extra storage shelves, it doesn't only give a modern aura to your kitchen, but it also creates some extra storage space within the four walls of the kitchen. Many sellers and brands on juglo bring the latest modern designs constantly, you can pick and choose the design that is on your vision board!
You have to bring in some of the best furniture pieces according to the design and plan of your kitchen. Because your furniture should fit in right in regards to the angle, dimension, and size of your kitchen, otherwise it will give a messy look.

DIY Projects
You can bring individuality and give your kitchen your personal touch by creating your crafts. You can paint your cabinets and shelves with your imaginative designs and prints. Changing some door and shelf knobs brings your personal style. Juglo has hundreds of products that can be used as paints for the plain canvas of your kitchen.

How to Decor your Home with Juglo Products?

Interior designers and decorators are proved angels for decorating your house and turning it into your home, with your personal touches and customization. You can revamp your house decor even if you have a limited budget and are concerned about the money that may be consumed while decorating or redecorating your home. Juglo.pk is here to save your day, we have an unlimited amount of products and categories which can come in handy while decorating your house.
·         Garden and Patio Decor
The best part of every house has to be the garden/lawn or patio area. You can enjoy the outdoor atmosphere during both sunny or rainy days. Patio furniture plays a very vital role in enhancing the environment where you can go to refresh your mind.

Also, Patio lighting brings a dreamy, cozy, and magical feeling for the family members. Juglo offers multiple types of outdoor lighting with different designs and colors, for you to select and take home to give your lawn/patio an outdoor movie set look!
·         Bed Room Decor
The most personal space you may find in someone's house is their bedroom, you can decorate it according to your taste instead of not following the theme of the rest of your home decor. 

Juglo offers a lot of furniture, lighting, and bedding items, which you may find useful while decorating your bedroom.


Are you wondering how to place an order on juglo.pk? Don't worry about it. This blog will surely guide you on how to shop online on juglo.pk. We welcome you on juglo.pk, you are here, so you must have heard about the most popular online store. Juglo.pk always brings exciting deals, vouchers, and sales for their customers, we always prioritize our customer's trust and convenience. The online shopping experience should be comfortable and effortless, that's the reason people are always attracted to Juglo. 

Our e-commerce site is not just a platform from which you can buy products and leave. We leave an outstanding impact on customers by our services and quality of products, so they come to shop again and again. We deliver the exact product that you see on your screens, let us guide you through the perks you get by shopping through juglo.pk. If you are visiting juglo.pk first time and feeling confused about how to place an order, just follow these simple steps.

How to sign up as a customer on juglo.pk?

The very first thought that might pop up in your mind is; why is it necessary to sign up while shopping online on juglo? Signing up makes your online shopping more personalized. After shopping, you can easily check status, and keep track of the product that is in the process of being delivered to you.

You can create an account by following these simple steps.

1. Click on "My account" very next to search in the top right corner.
2. After clicking my account, select "Register now" option.

3. Write your name, email address, phone number and password.
4. Click the "Register button".

5. After registering, you have successfully signed up as a customer on juglo.pk.

You can also reach juglo.pk through your social media accounts by directly clicking the icon, juglo.pk will automatically collect your relevant information as a customer.

Why juglo is different from any other E-commerce site?
The E-commerce industry is getting popular day by day in Pakistan. Due to the exposure of online shopping in the population and the benefits E-commerce sites carry, more people are trying to create their own e-commerce websites. A big number of these online shopping stores create confusion and pressure among the general public, from where they can find authentic products.

Juglo.pk has proved itself the best online shopping store in Pakistan because of its reliability and authenticity. Shop from Pakistan's biggest online shopping store, because we deal with our customers as friends, not just as expected buyers.

Quality brands to choose from
Juglo.pk brings you a lot of products from different brands. The presence of all these brands creates ease and convenience to choose your desired product from a single platform. There is an endless range of variety of products that can easily be navigated with a single click. Our team updates the products from different brands on juglo.pk so that you can get updated, and 100% authentic products within the shortest amount of time.

Fast Product Delivery
Very few online shopping stores in Pakistan provide fast delivery services.  To entertain your concern and to satisfy you, juglo.pk is always very keen to deliver the products within the promised time. At the time of order confirmation, you can also track the record and collect details until the delivery of your order. Take it as our word of trust that you will be very satisfied by our delivery services.

Cheaper market place than others
In this time of the pandemic, everyone is facing financial setbacks, but you can get budget-friendly prices on juglo.pk. Our customers always prefer online shopping from Juglo.pk than any other market-place because of its affordable price ranges. These kinds of deals at such low prices are very rare to find, so come grab your favorite items before the offer ends!

Vouchers are a blessing for shopaholics, even though they have a time limit. Vouchers expire after some time, but you can find great deals out of them in that short period. The wise use of these vouchers can help you a lot in cost-cutting.

Discounts and sales
Discounts and sales are a great attraction for customers, these packages create special bonds with the customer to feel special and connected. But these discounted prices and deals don't undermine the quality of the product. Major sale packages are introduced from time to time regarding every product, from the customer's point of view, these sales bring advantages for their desired products with reasonable discounted prices. Come and grab these thrilling offers to spice up your wardrobe, house decor, office, and many more.   

Pakistan’s economy deteriorated several years back, but recently, the government is introducing new reforms and ideas not only to stabilize , but also to maximize the generation of profit. Due to lots of work being done in the IT sector of Pakistan, it’s booming at its best. The Express tribune quotes:

“The country’s IT industry is set to double by 2020, said the CEO of Pakistan’s national technology fund, increasing from the current worth of $3.5 billion to $7 billion.”

Pakistan’s Potential in online marketplace

Due to the vast commercialization agenda of government for the economy boost of Pakistan, IT industry has proved its potential many times ahead of time. When we talk about exports in Pakistan’s software industry, according to the state Bank, currently Pakistan’s exports have reached worth of $700. Registered software and hardware input in economy is worth of 1 billion dollars.

Moreover, E-commerce sites are the main focus of IT industry. As E-commerce growth has been exponential at the global level, especially in past 12 years, recent expected sales worth is $4.5 trillion.

Future of online shopping in Pakistan is extremely bright, as Internet gets its root deepened within the population of the country, people are experimenting more and more via the internet. Online shopping is one of the perks that has been bestowed by internet upon people around the world. Pakistan is one of the favored country, people love shopping and be in trend on the daily bases, especially on weddings or other events.

Calculations from the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) uncovered that the absolute 3G versatile memberships has ascended to 10.3 million since 2015. The quantity of 4G or Long Term Evolution (LTE) supporters, likewise, expanded to more than 68,000. Pakistan's greatly anticipated section into 3G and LTE administrations in 2014 has expanded web availability,  and will undoubtedly increase the development of online shopping.

Impact on Online Shopping Pre & post Covid:

Human psychology states that people tend to attract towards the most convenient and easy ways. Post COVID-19 lifestyle had already become confusing and unexciting. Globalization has already provoked people to explore and connect through clicks. As IT is flourishing and creating new, easy and convenient pathways for people, they are getting more excited and adaptive. Usage of E-commerce websites is one of the key examples. Online shopping stores in Pakistan cannot be compared with other leading e-commerce sites like Amazon, but progressive economic growth showed the potential of Pakistan in digital media market. But we can say  that this pandemic brought a whole new chance of booming the future of ecommerce sites, not only in Pakistan, but globally too.

This blog will cover all the aspects and points about why? How? And what is the future of online shopping in Pakistan? Such pointers always captures people’s interest.

  • Online modes of payment
  • Product delivery infrastructure and logistics
  • Whole new perspective of E-commerce in Pakistan
  • Increased trust & dependency E-commerce

While doing online shopping from e-commerce stores, the most convenient thing people love is to pay after the product has been delivered. The most famous pattern among Pakistanis for payment is “cash on delivery” (COD), but there are many more initiatives taken to create new avenues for payment i.e. east paisa, interbank transfer etc. Most online shopping stores in Pakistan Offer cash on delivery (COD) i.e. Juglo.pk, HappyShopping.pk etc.

Many banks and telecom operators provide platforms that allows online money transfer banking, which has increased online purchases because of security and convenience.

Online shopping allows online sellers to access more electronically with the consent of buyer to collect payment via debit card.   


Pakistan has a very strong and wide spread chain for delivery parcels and mails. There are many delivery agencies that are either government, semi government, or private. Many big companies are taking over now, like Leopard, TCS and many other are exceling in providing secure, fast,  and reliable services. Now, online shopping stores in Pakistan are use using platforms like these delivery ports to send parcels to their customers.

As Larry page, Co-founder of google quoted:

                                                                                               “Always deliver more than expected”


Logically stating, more than 35 % of parcels are delivered to smaller cities than big urban cities like Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. This shows how Pakistan’s dynamics of shopping has changed till date, in comparison to other progressed countries, Pakistan is showing their worth in nature of trends and technological progression. People can even order groceries through E- commerce sites like; fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, canned and frozen food etc.

Daraz.pk and Juglo.pk are one of the leading e-commerce sites where all these trends are used and entertained.  


All new horizon of E-commerce sites in Pakistan have shown lately, as new international investors are putting more and more trust in Pakistani E-commerce industry. New ways are being established for local online retailers to create new perspective business for themselves and for people of the country. Rozee.pk, juglo.pk, daraz.pk, food panda, tripda, and many more will boost the E-commerce industry in Pakistan.

Smart phones and access to internet is allowing people to shop online, which it is a very drastic but positive change. People, even after lots of misconceptions, still shop online in Pakistan and utilize online sites to pick and choose products. Even after a low literacy rate, less technology access, low internet access, and bounded infrastructure.


When it comes to Pakistan, online shopping has been really hard because of limited resources. Back when the concept of online shopping was introduces in Pakistan, people didn’t trust and rely on it, because of certain queries in their minds. But now, the environment has totally changed, as the younger generation is keen to gain knowledge about this phenomenon, and they are not scared in experiencing new technology and new trends.


Pakistan built its potential market, built up reliability, and enhanced its credibility. Many online brands like Olx set great budget on advertisements on social media as well as mainstream media to attract buyers, which a great strategy that can target buyers via digital marketing. There are many trusted online stores in Pakistan which are reliable and can be trusted, since people have indulged themselves in online shopping.



Reliability is the precondition for trust.

Wolfgang schauble



Juglo Buying 101

Juglo.pk has arrived to fill all your needs with its exciting products, excellent customer service, quick delivery, and valuable deals. We work endlessly to make you happy and etch our name as one of the best online shopping stores. We make it our goal to provide our customers the best service to be able to be called the best in return. Our eCommerce platform is not just a simple market to buy products from. We are a product hub rather than a standard marketplace and encourage all of the customers that come to our site to stay and relish all of our products.  

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The products over here are trustworthy, and the prices are welcoming to the people. These types of affordable rates are something that you just won't be able to find at any typical marketplace other than Juglo. The competition in all fairness can't hold up with the favorable prices of our products. Also, in addition to these budget-friendly products, we provide our customers with further cuts in prices from vouchers, discounts and sales from time to time.


These can be used timely to buy a product and cut its price down to the discount that they grant you. These vouchers have a time limit and will expire once they reach past the due date. So, do make sure to take advantage of these vouchers wisely to grant yourself the cutoff price of the product at the lowest possible rate.


Various discounts on different products are provided to engage the customers even further. These discounts are given to let the customers know that we are looking out for them. The discounted prices of any product do not mean that the products are of less quality. It is said that the product's quality is promised in almost every purchase.


The various sales that Juglo.pk offers come and go and provide for major discounts on almost every type of product. These sales events take place from time to time are something to take notice of in the time being. To buy something during these sales is to have an advantage of the purchase of the product at a discounted price no less.






Online shopping is paving its paths strongly in Pakistan's digital consumer industry. Developed countries have already developed E-commerce roots in their day to day life. Back in 2013, Pakistan accomplished a big achievement in terms of setting up digital platforms to transpire consumer convenience in shopping.

People in Pakistan love to shop by visiting malls and shopping markets, but trends are changing when it comes to their youth. People are now more open to experimenting and try different mediums of shopping, especially via gadgets. Due to an increase in the usage of smartphones, during their busy schedule, people tend to opt for ease, and that is online shopping.

Online shopping stores in Pakistan are progressing day by day by providing more optimal, reliable, secure, and cooperative customer services. According to some reports in 2020, more than 200 million to 1 billion people gained more access to smartphones and the internet; which shows people are more interested in technology and the services it provides. According to the state bank, reviews on E-commerce in Pakistan are quite flattering. Currently, Pakistan has secured second place in South Asia's E-commerce Market.

We still don't have massive distribution platforms in Pakistan like eBay or Amazon, but in this blog, we'll be listing some of the best and most reliable online shopping stores in Pakistan.

1.  Daraz.pk

Daraz.pk is one of the leading E-commerce sites of Pakistan. Daraz.pk is popular in Pakistan because of its wide variety of products and every category being filled with lots of deals and packages, making it more desirable among people not only in Pakistan, but also in other South Asian countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, and Srilanka.

Daraz.pk offers all kinds of products like electronics, crockery, clothes and accessories for both genders and kids, gym equipment, medicine, cosmetics, and much more. Using Daraz.pk is as easy as the effort it takes to make a few clicks. Users can visit their website and choose their required products from different sellers. Daraz.pk is reliable, fast, and its easygoing return and exchange policies attract permanent customers. Sellers are also satisfied by Daraz.pk as they can earn quite a handsome amount of profit.  

Editor's Advice Apart from that, there is always room for improvement; daraz.pk should consider working on stricter rules when it comes to the buyers' protection and support system. Also, there is no such kind of measurement for the credibility of sellers, one should always consider reviews and ratings while deciding to purchase from a specific seller.

2.  HomeShopping.pk

In recent times, HomeShopping.pk has become one of the most used Online Shopping stores in Pakistan. The most unique thing about this E-commerce site is that it offers a 1-year repair warranty for their products, apart from 7 days of replacement warranty which is a great deal for the customers.  

Homeshopping.pk always works with prices majestically. They claim that no other e-commerce site can beat the low prices, in short, we can get good quality products at affordable prices. It serves all kinds of products ranging from gadgets, home appliances, cosmetics, clothing, crockery, to home decor.

Editor's Advice

Buyers should take advantage by taking wise steps by carefully skimming through reviews about the products, as they are offering 7 days exchange warranty.

3. Juglo.pk

Considering business requirements in the recent era and online shopping sector, we need creativity and individuality. Juglo is one of the leading online shopping stores in Pakistan which entails effective and strong customer service rules, which captivates buyers' attention within no time.

More surprisingly, Juglo.pk offers an enormous amount of products with all types of categories, sometimes subcategories of these categories can be found as well. ss Juglo progressively updates the variety of products in their market to give their users excitement to get fresh products within a very optimum time. Another plus point Juglo has is that they provide fast delivery with no charges.

Editor's advice

Moreover, Juglo also offers multiple vouchers and discount deals very often.

4. Shophive.com

Another online shopping store in Pakistan that catches the eye. In 2006 shophive.com emerged as a strong contestant in the E-commerce category in Pakistan. To date, it is one of the major online sites which is famous for its customer services and after-sale assistance. You may find all kinds of products i.e. home appliances, food, gadgets, clothes, toys, fashion-related items, and much more.

Editor's Advice

Shophive.com offers good deals to get your desired order with affordability and convenience. Prices and delivery charges are not that high as well.

5.  Mega.pk 

If you are looking for a well-organized and maintained online shopping site related to technology, Mega.pk is one of its kind. The vast variety of new products are always stacked in this market place, tech lovers can find it quite intriguing to get new trending gadgets and their accessories.

Consider this scenario, you start off your business with high hopes to establish it successfully and earn your much-deserved profits in return. But the journey isn't that simple in hindsight, with the common man facing tremendous obstacles in his path. The more time passes on, and you encounter new challenges that are ready to throw a curveball right at you. But when given the proper resources and assistance the business will begin to grow and handily gain more profit in the process.

For this purpose, Juglo.pkhas arrived to solve these dilemmas and help to usher your business to the next level. Our intention is to help elevate the business schemes of our fellow Pakistanis. By aligning your business with Juglo which is quickly rising to be one of the best online shopping stores, you can expand your business. With this goal in mind, we want you to join us so we can aid you in all your selling plans. 

The selling systems that we provide are all meticulous and assist in selling your products efficiently. Your products are shipped to foreign countries much swiftly without any hiccups in the process. So, let us prove our claims and make well on our promise to help you and be a part of this journey together.

Shipping to Other Countries

Part of Juglo's prestige that it allows you to ship internationally without any extra hidden charges easily. There are two ways that you can apply to sell your products in other countries with us:

  • Fulfillment by Juglo
  • Fulfillment by Vendor

Through these two fulfillments plans your products will be shipped internationally to the UK and Europe. Your products will appear in marketplaces that other eCommerce sites can’t grant you the access to reach. Now let us guide you about the applying process and explain you about the full details of these two plans.

Fulfillment by Juglo

The Fulfillment by Juglo process is the optimum service that is ready for you whenever you want to sell your precious goods on Juglo.pk. From the Fulfillment by Juglo process, you can easily store all the products you want to in our Juglo warehouses. Through these warehouses, we can swiftly pick, pack, and ship the products when ordered.

Our Fulfillment by Juglo service is available within Pakistan but, if you want to sell on multiple domains, these services are in the UK and Europe as well. As of currently, our trusty warehouses and services are available in the following countries:

1. Scotland, United Kingdom

2. Gdynia, Poland

3. Budapest, Hungary

4. Iserlohn, Germany

5. Faisalabad & Karachi, Pakistan.


To get further details and the storage fee, you can send an inquiry email to us with your product title, quantity, and other further details at support@juglo.pk and our support team will contact you to guide you from that point onwards for other details such as:

- Storage fee

- Freight Forwarding & Custom Clearance

- VAT registration

- Shipment and payment processing

Application Process

When you have collected the required guidance & support and have received the word from our support team for fulfillment and Juglo warehouse storage services, you can now apply to sell successfully on fulfillment by juglo using the following steps:

  • On the Fulfillment Menu, click on ‘Account Details’
  • Fill out the application form/account details and click on ‘Create’
  • Your information will therefore be sent to us for verification. Our team will verify and respond to you within the next 24-48 hours.

When your account is approved, you can send your product inventory for fulfillment. For that, you need to create a new product listing of your product and then save it, then send replenishment using the following method.

  • On the Products tab, click on the Update Products & then ‘Edit Products’. 
  • Click on your product listing that you want to send for fulfillment by Juglo.
  • Click on the ‘Fulfillment’ tab
  • Click on ‘Send Replenishment
  • Enter the information regarding your product.
  • Ensure that you only ‘Mark it shipped’ when you have shipped the products to the warehouses.
  • To view your fulfillment inventory, click on the ‘Manage Inventory’ option situated on the ‘Fulfillment’ tab.
  • To view orders that are fulfilled and unfulfilled, click ‘View Fulfillment Orders’
  • To know about the available list of warehouses, click on ‘Store’.
  • To view the address of warehouses for the shipping products, click on the title of the warehouse on the Store option under the Fulfillment menu.

Fulfillment by Vendor

The Fulfillment by Vendor process is a bit direct that you need to manage it yourself. If you truly want to keep account of everything in your inventory on your own, then in that case Fulfillment by Vendor is the way to go. This plan lets you handle the shipment of products by yourself. But to do so, you need to settle a valid contract with DHL for shipping your products internationally.



Juglo Selling 101

In today's fast-moving economic world, businesses have recognized new trends and incorporated them to elevate their brand to the upper echelon and turn a profit. These modern trends have made it easier than ever for people to sell their unique products and earn a profit. Pakistan has many people trying to innovate their brand from their skills and hard work alone. But they don't have the complete resources to do so. 

That's why Juglo.pk has arrived to encourage and empower our people and provide them the resources to expand their businesses and earn fruitfully. This is the main driving force behind Juglo.pk's working to promote its brothers and sisters to sell their quality products without any hidden fees or commission from their sales. So, associate with Juglo.pk now and let us help your business thrive and improve the economy to make Pakistan one of the biggest export industries in the world.

Why You Should Sell With Juglo?

Over at Juglo.pk selling your well-crafted products has never been this easier. All your products are taken great care of and presented in the best light for people to purchase them. The easy process of selling and shipping your products starts with the registration process. There is no complicated methods and long waiting time to register. Furthermore, to ease your mind to register at Juglo.pk we should tell you that we don't apply any charges at all, and your approval takes little to no time. 

All that you need to do is to fill out the registration process and provide the necessary documents and bank details. By doing so, it will create a seller account that you can personally manage.

Managing Your Seller Account

You can easily manage your seller account by logging in to your account and uploading your valuable products to the site. Let us guide you about the process and how you create a listing by following a few of these steps.

  1. Click on the Products Tab
  2. Now click on New Products Upload
  3. Then click on the Single Product Upload

Now what you need to do is enter further details about your product, such as the Title, Category, Description, a few Images, Variants, SKU (Product Code), Price, in stock, Short Description, and click on "Create". This way, customers will be able to see and search your product on Juglo by using the information that you provided.

 Your products will first be approved by the Juglo Quality Control Team. We should inform you that this approval process takes about 12 to 24 hours, after which they will be live on our website and able to be sold. Also, make sure you have ordered Juglo flyers before you upload your product listings. You can order the desired number of flyers by buying them off of Juglo.pk.

Creating Shipment Orders

Once your account has been created and your products are uploaded, your products will start to sell. With the sudden influx of orders coming in, you will begin to receive notifications and emails on your account every time an order is made from customers.

In order to ship the products, you will have to create a leopard shipment on the seller portal. We don't permit any of our sellers to ship their products from any other service methods. This is the only shipping method you will be offered over at Juglo.pk. So, any other shipment that you send from your COD account will therefore not be acceptable by Juglo after the order.

The steps below are a complete guide on how to create a leopard shipment:

  1. On the seller panel section, click the "View Orders" tab on to the "My Account & Reports"
  2. Now click on the Order No that you would like to create a shipment for
  3. Now at the right end of your screen, you will likely see be able to see a button "Create Leopard Shipment". Click on that
  4. All you need to do now is verify the information and then click on "Create"

All of the information that you entered will therein be processed and maintained associated with Leopard.

Delivering Shipment Orders

After the shipment is created, now what you need to do is print 3 packaging slips of courier from the Leopard shipment made. Please ensure that the product has been packed tight and safely inside the Juglo flyers to prevent it from getting damaged.

One packaging slip is to be attached to the package, the other packaging slip to hand over to the Leopard Team while giving the item over. Lastly, one packaging slip to get a confirmation stamp from the Leopard crew for the order shipment. The Leopard Courier will scan your packaging slip to verify that the product is shipping from Juglo.

Also, do make sure that the package is dropped off at one Leopard Courier's express center to refrain from any inconvenience down the line. They will ship your excellent products and Juglo will send your monthly payments straight to the given bank account. By doing so, your profits will present themselves every month and you can reap the benefits you sow by selling with Juglo.pk.

How to Apply to Sell Your Products in Other Countries?

As explained before, Juglo wants to empower and expand people's businesses and help them grow in the process. It provides you with the chance to sell your products in the UK, Europe, and other countries too. You have two ways to sell your products in the UK and Europe by Juglo.pk.

  1. Fulfillment by Juglo
  2. Fulfillment by Vendor

Fulfillment By Juglo

From Fulfillment by Juglo, you can ship your products straight to Juglo's Warehouses in the UK and Europe, where they will be stored, processed, and shipped as well. In this way, it's basically like sitting in a self-driving car while you relax in comfort. Furthermore, Juglo also provides VAT registration, customs clearance, and Freight forwarding services for all of its sellers.

Fulfillment By Vendor 

But from Fulfillment by Vendor, you can personally handle all orders and shipment of the products all by yourself. For that, you need to establish a DHL contract for international shipments.

If you want to further know how to apply to sell in other countries, log on to your seller account and follow the steps given below:

  1. Move the mouse to hover over the "My account & reports" option and click on "My Profile"
  2. From there on, you will be redirected to the main profile page. Click on the "Multiple Domain" tab and choose the countries that you want to sell your products in. After choosing, click on save.
  3. Once the request to sell is sent, our team will assess your seller profile, listings and will come in contact with you to further guide you. After all the information is verified, you will receive an email from Juglo and will be able to sell abroad.

Rest assured, over at Juglo.pk you can certainly believe that you are in great hands. Your business will begin to nourish from the support we will provide you and treat you as a friend with our services. We believe in what we say and promise to deliver on every front. The choice is now up to you if you want to do a favor for your business and link up with Juglo.pk.